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Sweet Little Skylar Seduces Big, Bad, Sexy Boss Phone

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

June 9th 2020 BY SKYLAR B

Sweet Little Skylar Seduces Big, Bad, Sexy Boss Phone Sex is a sexy story you’re going to love.  If you enjoy extreme age play phone sex fantasies and you’re in the mood to play with a horny girl with a young voice then pick up the phone.  stroke your cock with me!  I would love to role play any girl,  any age and do whatever you’re looking for.  I just recently had sweet little taboo phone sex role-play session with a guy who wanted me to be his young intern.  Wow were the cum explosions intense!  Here’s how our teen phone sex role play went…

Trying To Save Up For College I was trying to save up for college so I took an internship at a small company just outside my hometown.  Nothing major; it was pretty much a secretarial position.  All I had to do was answer a few calls, take down some messages, and smile.  It seemed like a simple enough job for me.  Not to mention, the “boss” was a super hot guy and started bringing me my favorite salted caramel frappe every day.  So that of course put a sparkle in my sweet little eye. He Had Been Drinking It was nearing the end of the day and when he walked out of the office fired up with a red face.  In a stern fashion, he asked me if I wanted a ride home.  It was clear to me he had been drinking a little bit more than usual.  I told him no, that I would take an Uber home instead.  But then told him I didn’t mind staying a little bit longer and hang out until he finished his day. I Smiled My Sweet Little Smile After seeing him so worked up I smiled my sweet little smile and suggested we head back to his office, drink some brandy to wind down.   I bit my bottom lip and batted my eyes at him, hoping he’d say yes.   I lead him back down the hall and into his office.  Shutting and locking the door behind me once inside. He Was So Fuckin Sexy All I could think to myself was; “damn why did he have to be so fuckin sexy” while licking my lips.  I walked over to him behind his desk and slid my hands into his suit jacket and began sliding his off his wide muscular shoulders.  I had heard he had a thing for young girls because most were easy to control, but he had no idea was he was in store for with me!  I’m a cock teasing teenage girl who gets her way.

I Pressed My Body Against Him I leaned in and pressed my sweet little body against his.  He could feel my juicy breasts and perky nipples against his skin. When I reach in and felt his hardening cock, he growled like an animal and tossed me up on to his desk.   He struggled with his belt and I giggled, throwing him my sexy black panties.

He Drove In His Thick Rod By now his hard cock was out of his pants and it was dripping with pre-cum.   I started adjusting myself back onto his desk.  He grabbed a hold of my creamy thighs and roughly pulled them apart.  His one hand slid from my leg to the base of my neck.  The other drove his thick rod into my tight little box.  He moaned with pleasure as he shaft disappeared deep inside my horny little hole.

The Pleasure Was Almost Unbearable My boss began fucking my sweet little pussy so hard.  The slapping of our flesh created heat!  He stopped pumping for a few minutes and started kissing me.  This was so fucking hot that I swore my heart was going to stop from pounding so hard.  Next, I could feel his finger circling on my clit.  Before I knew it he pulled his cock out and got on his knees. and started circling his hot tongue on the rim of my sweet pink puckered ass hole!  The pleasure was almost unbearable! I mean, have you ever had an orgasm from your ass before? This Was Intense Holy shit this was intense!  While he was licking, sucking, and darting his tongue in my ass, his fingers performed magic tricks on my sweet little clit.  At first, I thought I was in control, but by this point all, I could was moan in pure pleasure as I gripped the sides of his desk with my hands.  He gave me the most intense orgasm of my life!  I couldn’t breathe, scream, cry, or even moan because all my body could do was shudder and convulse as orgasms raced through my body one after another.

Pick Up The Phone Mmmmm my sweet little pussy is soaking my chair as I write this; My caller’s voice was so sexy and hearing him cum at the same time I did was absolutely incredible!   He even told me he thought his cum shot out of his cock so hard he thinks he hit the ceiling!  Haha!  If you’re ready to have intense cum explosions with a horny girl who loves role-playing an even younger girl, then pick up the phone and call me for your very own teen extreme phone sex session today!  If you want to know how I practiced social distancing while off work then check out my blog and you’re sure to explode again!

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